Engage your creative musicality in supportive community

Transcend old patterns and beliefs and SoundYourSelf masterfully on piano and in everything you do.

Are you...

  • generally successful, but somehow feel stuck or unfulfilled deep down?
  • Does it feel like something precious is missing for you?
  • Also, would you like to know what it feels like to improvise engaging music on piano without worrying about sour notes and abject embarrassment?
  • Are you curious how a healthy sound improvisation learning environment facilitates creativity, flexibility, and resilience in other areas of life as well?

Would you like...

  • to devote more attention to your musical and personal potential rather than just telling yourself you will?
  • special access to a year of weekly tips, techniques, training, and tools to vitalize and strengthen your playing?
  • ongoing guidance from Daniel Barber, creator of the SoundYourSelf approach to piano improvisation so you won't flounder when (not if) you get stuck?
  • to share your discoveries, challenges, and successes with other fellow travelers, and be inspired by theirs along the way?

So you can...

  • expand and deepen your enjoyment of your own playing (rather than getting discouraged hitting walls),
  • strengthen the connection to your intuition and creative genius,
  • apply insights from these practices to other areas of your life (and get off the "stubborn old patterns" treadmill),
  • be less reactive and impulsive in your interactions with people,
  • navigate uncertainty more confidently,
  • trust yourself more deeply,
  • follow through with your priorities more reliably,
  • and more fully inhabit your authentic place in the world?

If so, then

CLICK BELOW on the option that best supports your desires.

Open to new members 2x/year, in October and April

Next opening... Oct 22 - Oct 31, 2021

After that, the next opening will be April 21 - April 30, 2022

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