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About Me

What do you want to know?   Not unlike you, I imagine, I’m drawn to connections, harmonies, compassion, creativity and the health of individuals and collectives. Part of the crazy part is that both you and I, who think we are individuals, are actually collectives.

Eons ago communities of cells survived in part because being in community accorded them extra survival juju.  And, by some pretty astounding biological and epistemological magic, not only did those communities come up with ways to replicate themselves, but also to pass along built-in operating instructions for ensuing generations.

Along with my curiosity about community (actually larger contexts in general) is an intrigue with Creativity, what’s going on there, and how can I play(!).

Having had classical piano lessons as a kid, I knew the experience of learning to reproduce other people’s music (occasionally pretty well).  So if I happened to have any particular “piece” in my mind and muscle memory at any given time, then I could play for you.

But if I hadn’t practiced something for a while, then that piece was off the table for performing.  And the more music I learned over the years, the more time it would take, on the regular, to stay on top of the ever-growing repertoire.

There had to be a way to be a musician without having to spend multiple hours every day (forever and ever, Amen) keeping everything “performance-ready.”

And thanks to jazz, I saw there was a way of knocking this problem out of the park --- improvisation.

Instead of the mind/body being a container for recording and playing back musical data, it could be a conduit for conveying musicality itself.

So I kept that vision alive (sometimes just barely!) and in the last 20 years I’ve been blessed with the chance to explore creativity and improvisation in many different ways and circumstances musically, theatrically and otherwise.

I’ve loved seeing and experiencing how improvisation brings life to situations, smiles to faces and grace to hearts.

So now, I’m blessed to offer Vibe Tribe to you so you can progress in your creative expression more quickly and/or more deeply, and also be part of a support system for others to do the same.

What better endeavor to engage in than to learn to tap your own inner magic, play it and bring your unique and precious gift to the table?

I invite you to join us in Vibe Tribe and co-create with us this conduit, support center and virtual coffee house where you can swap stories, experiences and perspectives related to the various courses, content and coaching available at here at I Am Sound.

Community and creativity, now there’s a combo that cooks!

Why Join Me?

The creative process is often a lonely one, and it is essential to spend some of your time deep in the recesses of your own personal experience. There is such deep value in that.

That said, there is also a great value in sharing your ideas with others and hearing other peoples’ perspectives as well. Sometimes, it is the synchronicities of thoughts that can be, in themselves, a source of fascination and inspiration.

Other times, it’s the intrusion of someone’s idea that doesn’t seem to fit at all with your own. Then you are faced with having to decide whether to dismiss whole swaths of thought or else work out how such a different perspective can be integrated with yours.

Such is creativity!

So in the very same way that relationship can be a cauldron and catalyst for growth, Vibe Tribe can serve to accelerate your creative potential in ways that would be more difficult, time-consuming, or even impossible otherwise.

Of course, aside from the occasional creative rub, mostly creativity can just be fun, and with a bunch of good people around you, there's just that much more to celebrate!

A Big Thanks!

Thank you so much for being here and contributing to this beautiful community.  Your participation is -everything- and your presence makes a powerful (yay, immeasurable) difference.  

So thank you for all you do and who you are, even beyond what -I'm- aware of! 

How crazy (& cool) is that?!! :-)

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