Play your music your way

Connect on piano naturally so you can play easily anytime and live musically all the time.

Are you...

  • generally successful, but somehow still feeling stuck & unfulfilled?
  • feeling like something precious is missing for you?
  • curious to know what it feels like to improvise engaging music on piano without worrying about unpleasant and embarrassing sour notes?

Would you like...

  • to devote more attention to your musical and personal potential rather than just telling yourself you will?
  • to discover how a healthy sound improvisation learning environment could facilitate creativity, flexibility, and resilience in other areas of your life? 
  • special access to a year of weekly tips, techniques, training, and tools to vitalize and strengthen your playing?
  • ongoing guidance so you won't flounder when you get stuck?
  • to share your discoveries, challenges, and successes with other fellow travelers, and be inspired by theirs along the way?

So you can...

  • expand and deepen your enjoyment of your own playing (rather than getting discouraged hitting walls),
  • strengthen the connection to your intuition and creative genius,
  • apply insights from these practices to other areas of your life (and get off the "stubborn old patterns" treadmill),
  • be less reactive and impulsive in your interactions with people,
  • navigate uncertainty more confidently,
  • trust yourself more deeply,
  • follow through with your priorities more reliably,
  • and more fully inhabit your authentic place in the world?

If so, then

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The Essential Skill for Your Genuine Liberation

(FREE mini-course)

Learn what this skill is, why it's so vital, how you can learn and master this skill on the piano, and how that skill can translate to other areas of your life!

Live Musically in 90 Days: Piano Improv for the Essential Skill

Live Musically in 90 Days: Piano lmprov for the Essential Skill is a unique course/coaching program that helps accomplished mid-lifers, people at a crossroads, and those hearing a deeper call to improvise naturally on piano without anxiety, clunkers, or regret so they can navigate unknowns of all kinds with confidence.

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SoundYourSelf Solo online

12-module SYS framework in 2 6-module courses

Learn the SoundYourSelf framework online in your own time.  If you follow the practices as suggested, by the end of Course 1 you can be enjoying improvising engaging music on piano, in any of the 12 major keys, without having to worry about "sour" notes!


NO music theory

NO scales

NO chords

NO written music

NO memorizing music


NO note names!!

This can become the beginning of an entirely different relationship with the piano - one in which the piano becomes a friend and ally on your creative and personal journey.

Click here to get started!

The SoundYourSelf Experience Membership

Open to new members 2x/year (Oct and Apr)

Registration now closed - Opens Apr 16-31, 2024

Ask to get on a waiting list to be notified next time the doors open.

Other options available for learning to play the SoundYourSelf way